Cambridge custom homes are engineered and built to withstand the test of time, and specifically tests of Mother Nature. Building oceanfront? You’ll want to talk to us first. With 35yrs experience and some of the most challenging engineering projects in the Southeast in our portfolio, we know you’ll rest easy when the next storm comes calling.

Hurricane Matthew was one of the most unusual storms in recent history. Hilton Head Island has traditionally been a safe haven from the tropical hurricanes that come up from the Carribean. Unlike North Carolina’s barrier islands which jut out into the path of the storms, Hilton Head Island is tucked nicely into a protective bight in the Atlantic coastline. Matthew, however, took a long breezy stroll up the coast of Florida, gave Georgia a buzz cut, then reminded those of us who live in a paradise that we too must remember: building for longevity along the coast requires a very special skill set.